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Removable 'Insta-Rack' Platform
Easy-to-Relocate Access Platform for Tank Trucks or Railcars


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GREEN Removable Insta-Rack Platforms 
are created for specific site situations that won't allow for a permanent pedestal platform installation.

With no foundation required, the Removable Insta-Rack is a popular solution providing easy, flexible installations.


Cost Effective  •  Innovative Designs

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Built To Last

Made In The USA


GREEN Removable Insta-Rack Platforms
have many unique features:
• Custom designed to meet your application!
• No foundation required
• Flexible, easy installation
• Four-post design
• Various integration options for loading arms
  and pumping stations
• See also: Insta-Rack Pedestal Platforms

Materials of Construction
Rugged construction includes:
• Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass models
  available (or combination)
• Aluminum units have galvanized back box
  sections and back uprights
• Grip-strut walking surface
• Optional aluminum safety enclosures

Access Equipment
Various access options include:
• Self-leveling Stair gangway
• Flat Ramp or Telescopic gangways
• Standard or customized safety cages to
  satisfy your application needs

• Hot Dipped Galvanized
• Red oxide primer
• Gray enamel / Safety Yellow
• Custom finishes available

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Custom Solution for Your Application!

• 2-, 3-, or 4-rail safety enclosures
• Various platform heights and orientations
• Equipped with safety bridge / gangway
  or self-leveling safety stairs

• See also: Portable Transloading Platform

GREEN designs and custom-builds
portable transloading systems that meet
even the most challenging requirements.

Our engineering team has over 150 years
of combined experience and we utilize
state-of-the-art CAD software.


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