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GREENLINE Gangway: Model SB – Flat Ramp
Access Gangway for Tank Truck and Railcar Applications

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Flat Ramp Access Gangway

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GREENLINE Flat Ramp Gangways are designed specifically for various industries, facilities and applications that require accessing the top of a vehicle. Most often used to access the top of Tank Trucks and/or Rail Cars. 

Our proven design is perfect for applications where the required range is within 15 degrees above or below the working platform height.

 Cost Effective  •  Innovative Designs

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Built To Last
Made In The USA
Always confirm unit dimensions with your

sales representative prior to ordering!

GREENLINE Flat Ramp Gangways
 have many unique features:
More than 50 years in the field!
• Adjustable dual-tension springs in both
  box-channel side panels
• Folding handrails and telescoping midrails
  are made of heavy wall tubing and mounted
  on both sides as standard equipment
• Various custom safety cages
• Heavy-duty 1/2" bumpers
• Optional powered operation
• Expedited delivery available
• Can be custom designed to meet
  unusual applications
See also: Telescoping Ramps 

Working Range
Within 15 degrees above or below the
working platform height.

Materials of Construction
Rugged construction includes:
• Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass models 
  available (or combination)

• Aluminum units have galvanized back box
  sections and back
• Grip-strut walking surface

Choose between:
• Slide-track mounting
• Pivot mounting
• Flush-mount brackets

Expedited Delivery Available
• Contact us for more details! 

Four bolt mounting for easy installation

Safety Cages
Various, custom designed safety cages are available for all GREENLINE Gangways

Custom engineered, computer designed
units are available. Contact us for more
information on getting started today!

Larger models may require the use of a manual or electrically operated hydraulic lift package
Optional side-mount brackets
Optional welded stops or safety chains prevent the bridge from traveling beyond a predetermined position
See also: Self-Leveling Stair gangway when greater range is required.

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